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Individual Psychotherapy


Research has shown that two factors matter most in making psychotherapy successful: the client’s willingness to work and the client’s relationship with the therapist. Choosing a psychologist is an important process because your therapy will progress only if you feel heard, understood, and cared for.

I provide short and long-term individual psychotherapy to adults dealing with a range of concerns including family of origin issues, anxiety, depression, relationships, stress, identity, chronic health problems, life transitions, grief, sexuality and gender identity, and recovery from a difficult upbringing.


In my practice, I employ both psychodynamic and mindfulness-based therapeutic approaches. I also draw from humanistic, narrative, cognitive, and existential theories. These approaches enable me to address the unique challenges, strengths, and histories of each of my clients. I use a collaborative and holistic approach in helping my clients improve their relationships, learn to cope with difficult emotions, come to terms with the past, increase their wellbeing, and develop concrete skills to promote health and happiness.


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